Zambia is a peaceful, democratic country with enormous economic potential grounded in its rich endowment of natural resources. It is a large landlocked country. The economy is still very much based on agriculture, which employs over 70% of the working population. After the economic stagnation experienced during the 1990s, growth accelerated in recent years. The main source of growth has been the rapid expansion of mining (mostly copper), which provides nearly 70% of export earnings. However, the overall good performance of the economy has not translated into any significant drop in poverty. The number of people living in absolute poverty remains high. The level of income disparities in Zambia is one of the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zambia has been very hard hit by HIV/AIDS; the adult prevalence rate is over 16 per cent.

   Power’s work in Zambia

Power has been active in Zambia since 2002 and now has an integrated programme of activities across all our key themes of work in human rights, education for children with disabilities, and livelihood and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. Power has worked in close cooperation throughout this time with our strategic partner – the Zambian Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) – and has supported a considerable change the organisations capacity both in programme delivery and in becoming a strong representative for its constituent of people with disabilities. With ZAFOD, we are developing new partnerships to strengthen the disability movement to empower people with disabilities to build better lives.

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