What we do

POWER International  breaks the poverty and disability cycle through developing partnerships and programmes. We provide strategic planning and support, governance and oversight and, technical assistance and programme guidance.

Several core principles guide the way we work:
  • Prioritise the poorest communities in the poorest countries.
  • Tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality for people with disabilities as well as addressing their immediate needs.
  • Place human rights of disabled people at the heart of programme approach and methodology.
  • Work with and through local partners and make long term commitments to these partnerships.
  • Work closely with beneficiaries and actively encourage them to inform and influence our programmes.
  • Network widely to share and extend the learning and impact of our work.
Power Logo Explained

We focus our activities on five strategic themes of work:
  • Human rights as they relate to people with disabilities.
  • Education for children with disabilities.
  • Economic empowerment through livelihoods, employment and access to microfinance for people with disabilities.
  • Developing the skills and long term capacities of our partners
  • Mobility and associated health needs of people with disabilities.

Our approach

We take an integrated approach to our work, and work where the most significant and intractable inequalities and human rights abuses lie. Rights of disabled people are at the heart of our approach because a human rights approach can fortify individuals to challenge bureaucracies and can empower people with disabilities to participate more fully and effectively in the decisions that affect their lives. We are concerned not only with freedom from abuse and discrimination, but also expanding people with disabilities opportunities to flourish. 

We support our partners to guide government and other stakeholders to find practical ways to involve and engage disabled people to meet strategic objectives. Progress rests on inculcating a common sense of ownership and responsibility for disabled people’s human rights across the public and private sector, the media, and civil society. Power supports out partners to engage effectively with governments, policy-makers, donors and NGOs to achieve equality and inclusion for people with disabilities. We work with partners to establish methodologies for measuring compliance with the law, and to hold government, public bodies and other institutions accountable for their performance on disability rights. We share our knowledge and experiences and work with our partners to test new policy ideas and new ways of delivering services.

We recognise that for our approach to be effective we need to generate robust data and evidence, become a recognised centre of excellence with respect to human rights of disabled people, and actively disseminate the quality evidence of the impact of our work. This is at the heart of our own strategic development for the next five years.

POWER International is in the process of preparing our new five-year Strategic Plan, this will be available on the website soon.