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Mike Boddington – Chair of TrusteesMike Boddington MBE – Chair of Trustees

Mike Boddington in a specialist in disability and rehabilitation. He trained initially in agriculture and agricultural economics. His experience as a lecturer in rural land use planning in Wye College (London University) led him into consultancy and he established Rural Planning Services (now RPS plc) in 1972, Michael Boddington & Associates in 1982 and Greensmiths in 1991. These led him to work in many places of the world and it was in 1991, whilst working in Cambodia, that he was asked to prepare a plan to rehabilitate victims of landmines. In 1994, understanding that the problems experienced in Cambodia were also prevalent in other countries, led him to form POWER to work in such countries to similar ends. In 1995, POWER established projects in Lao PDR and Mozambique, to be followed by others in Vietnam, Nicaragua and Zambia.

This work evolved to a much broader focus building capacity of local disabled people’s organisations to develop self-help strategies amongst their members. At the same time, Mike worked to develop and implement models of prosthetic and orthotic service delivery built around a partnership between government and the INGO sector, to attempt to draw in all concerned organisations in any one country under a single umbrella. This was developed to the highest level with COPE (Cooperative Prosthetic & Orthotic Enterprise) in Lao PDR, with the involvement of government and five different INGOs in an official partnership.

In 2002, Mike moved to live in Lao PDR, so that he could devote his life to making these ideas work in a single country. In a number of different roles, emphasising the transfer of responsibility to local professionals, he has continued to build the capacity of COPE to deliver a highly competent service throughout the country. He was responsible for establishing a solid, working DPO in the Lao Disabled People’s Association, with a broad-ranging strategy that sought to support self-help initiatives amongst people with disabilities in 11 of the 17 provinces.

In 2006, he was invited to join the National Regulatory Authority for the Lao UXO Sector (NRA), as its Technical Advisor on Victim Assistance. There, he organised a national survey of all casualties of UXO from 1964 to the present day, and was responsible for collecting data on the range of services to support UXO survivors – and, thus, other people with disabilities - in the country. He also initiated a system for tracking casualties from the site of the accident, through the rehabilitation process, seeking to ensure that they know the availability of services and the terms under which they are available, and that they maximise the use of those services to ensure their fullest possible rehabilitation.

In 2010, Mike was awarded the MBE for his services to the victims of UXO in Lao PDR. In 2011, he was accredited to the Lao Prime Minister’s Office as a Specialist in Disability and Rehabilitation. In 2011, he was made the Chair of POWER International, and was also re-appointed to the Board of COPE.