FEDOMAThe Federation of Disability Organisations of Malawi (FEDOMA)

FEDOMA is Power’s strategic partners in Malawi. FEDOMA is the national umbrella disability organisation representing eight affiliate organisations. FEDOMA is registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act and the Malawi Council of the Handicapped (MACOHA) and works in liaison with the Ministry for Persons with Disabilities & the Elderly. FEDOMA has a specific remit as the voice of people with disabilities of all kinds throughout Malawi and in acting on their behalf, ensuring that people with disabilities have access to services and supports that the able bodied community takes for granted.

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Malawi News

On 28th March, 2012 the Federation of Disability Organizations of Malawi (FEDOMA) received funds amounting to $1,832,880 for the implementation of the Program for Promoting Inclusion of Children with Disability into Basic Education for All for a period of three years from 2012. The funding was provided by the  Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the World Bank. The Government of Japan has been providing this funding annually since 2000. 

 It is expected that after the project the learning environment of children living with disabilities will improve.  The project will include the retention of disabled children in basic education, campaigns to raise awareness among stakeholders; training of Special Needs Education (SNE) teachers; and improving physical access by providing Braille textbooks and other relevant items.