Improving access to education and life chances for children with disabilities in Gaza Province in Mozambique


Start Date

1st April 2010

Completion Date:

31 March 2013

Programme Partners:

Power International (lead and technical partner)

ACAMO – Associação de Cegos e Amblíopes de Moçambique

ADEMO – Associação dos Deficientes de Moçambique

ASUMO – Associação de Surdos de Moçambique

ADEMIMO – Associação dos Deficientes Militares e Paramilitares de Moçambique 

ADEMUDE (associate) – Associaçao para o Desenvolvimento da Mulher Deficiente

Power4Good Ireland Ltd (technical partners to all Power overseas programmes)

Programme budget

Euro 514,114

Programme funders:

EU Non State Actors budget line: Euro 358,852

Various UK trusts and foundations: Euro 155,262


Mozambique: Gaza Province.


Summary of programme.

Overall objective: To increase life chances of children with disabilities (CWD) in Mozambique through improved access to primary education; rights awareness and application; and improved parenting skills and early learning support.

Specific objective: Reduced barriers to education for CWD in primary schools in 3 districts of Gaza, Mozambique.

Activities to achieve this are:

·         Social preparation and baseline surveys

·         Mobilising and empowering parents of children with disabilities.

·         Parent group support and action, and an advisory outreach service for parents.

·         Working with target schools and education authorities on school 'accessibility' and support.

·         Strengthening actions of disabled people’s organisations in Gaza province

·         Developing and disseminating a model of best practice

Anticipated results:

·         At least 500 children with disabilities have improved access to education

·         30 primary schools in 3 districts of Gaza address their barriers to CWD

·         Parents of at least 500 children with disabilities empowered to realise their children's rights to education and support their children's development

·         Increased institutional capacity of 5 disabled people’s organisations to support the education of CWD

·         Model established for replication elsewhere in Mozambique


Results & Impact

These will be posted soon.