Building Capacity

Power invests in the capacity of our partners.

Countering the longstanding prejudice and abuse of people with disabilities, there are growing self-advocacy movements established by people with disabilities in the countries in which Power works. These movements call for civil justice and meaningful social change, but most need external encouragement and support to have greater impact on society and on government policy and legislation. 

Power works with and through these movements, forming long term partnerships with their representative organisations to support their objectives. However, the reality for many disability organisations in low income countries is that they lack the institutional capacity and resources necessary to have impact on the socio-economic situation of people with disabilities. Capacity development is therefore a high priority for Power.

POWER supports the development of partners’ capacity so that:

  • Partners can deliver effectively on programme implementation.
  • They have greater capacity and authority to promote, protect and monitor human rights of persons with disabilities.
  • They evolve from hypothesis-based advocacy work towards evidence-based strategies that give them greater authority and legitimacy in engaging with policy makers and audiences;
  • Partners have enduring relations with donors to ensure that funding for disability work is taken seriously and addressed in a practical way, and to move partners away from short-term project funding to longer-term funding streams.
  • Partners are part of strong networks of stakeholders both within individual countries and regionally in order to: marshal and amplify evidence; to share learning and resources; to mobilise resources; to assemble coalitions for change; and have greater impact on policy and practice.

POWER achieves this by:

  • Developing the fundamentals of its partner organisations including: governance and leadership; organisations strategy and programme planning; financial and operational management; and monitoring and evaluation
  • Developing and strengthening the technical capacity and skills of a core team within the partner organisations.
  • Delivering training and institutional support where required.
  • Providing technical assistance to achieve these ends.
  • Providing brokerage and institutional skills, the contacts and the leverage to maximise support to partners
  • Levering of funds for disability work so that these most marginalised people do not continue to experience the exclusion that represents the current reality

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